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We install Boilers manufactured by Trinity, Triangle Tube and Rinnai. We install tankless water heaters manufactured by Rinnai, Eternal and Navien. We install coolers manufactured by PMI, Coolerado and Breezair. We carry a line of Air Destratifiers designed to bring heated air to floor level, as well as solar thermal systems by Suntrac Solar.


We have supplied solar thermal systems from Suntrac, the world’s only manufacturer of compact tracking parabolic concentrators, for Boulder Beer, The Pumphouse Brewery and The Smokehouse in Nederland. These breweries are all now doing much of their brewing with free heat from the sun! That makes for environmentally friendly beer. What could be better? Suntrac also has developed the means to use sun power to create cooling for two-stage air conditioning units and save up to 40% on commercial A/C and refrigeration operating costs.


We were one of
the first to install tankless water heaters in Colorado almost 25 years ago, and remain the premier Rinnai, Navien, Noritz and Eternal installer and service company. We specialize in proper installation and maintenance of these units, along with heating integration for energy efficiency. Our customers include the Cork in Boulder, 5th Street Bar in Nederland and The Center for Resource Conservation.


Evaporative coolers, when properly installed, provide a much more economical means of cooling in Colorado’s high desert climate. We install PMI Aerocool and Breezair systems. Ground mounting can be a less expensive alternative with astounding results, especially when coupled with adequate attic ventilation and correct sizing.